Time is what we want most but what we use worst. -William Penn

Time is what we want most but what we use worst. -William Penn


I’ve spent a good chunk of the last 7 years of my professional life getting paid to be a project manager. Like any job, the better you do it (usually) the more success you have and the longer you get to do it, see promotions, bonuses, and everything great along these lines. As it turns out, not every parent has an extensive background as a professional “chase people around and bug the crap out of them until they get stuff done” type person.

Good news! I have a few (pardon my workspeak here) QUICK HITTERS that you can start doing today which will help give you time back in your day and make your life better.

(…and also make sure that you don’t forget anything important!)


  1. Use software to keep track of what you need to do

    • If you’re old school, you might be used to using something like this 2018 Animal Memes wall calendar to keep track of important things. I HIGHLY recommend coming into the 21st century and considering using things like your cell phone (which you know you’re already on all the time) to help you mitigate some of these time hogs.


    • My personal favorite app to use that ties to my Amazon Alexa, Google Calendar, etc. is an app called Todoist
      • Here’s a LINK to the app


    • I’m a big fan of “checking the box” when things are done and this day allows me to create reminders – even on specific days – that will pop up on my main list

Todoist Schedule Daily

    • Additionally, I have connected it to my smart home and have Alexa add things to my grocery shopping list and use this when I’m at the store to
      • Doing this will allow me to build the list when I think of the items, not miss any items, and check things off once I’ve picked them off


    • Here’s an example of the “Projects” section where I’ll add things I need to/could do longer term just so I don’t forget about them

Todoist Look


  1. Schedule time in your day to focus.

    • If something is important to you/your family/whatever…you need to focus on getting it done and stop making excuses. Often, you’ll let it the timeline for getting it done slip and ultimately it will make your stuff suffer somehow. To avoid freaking out AND to ensure you’re focusing on completing this, you should consider scheduling chunks of time in your daily calendar where you COMMIT to yourself to focus on this…thing.


    • I have done this for awhile at work and continue to see more and more people do it but when you don’t work in the corporate environment you might be a little less likely to do it. However…there’s nothing from stopping you in any situation from using this tool.
      • PS: If you’re not already using a calendar and just winging it in life…you need to make this switch NOW. Allegedly it takes 21 days to commit something to habit and if you’ve tried and failed here before but you’re serious about wanting your time back…make today day 1.


  1. Consider implementing concepts from work/school/friends/etc. that may help simplify your life.

    • It sounds like a crazy idea. Watch the people around you every day – see what they do that works well for them…and then try it yourself to see if it helps!
    • I didn’t just randomly come up with the idea of finding an app like Todoist to make my life better. At that time, I thought I had everything down pat and was getting stuff done. Then, as a realized how much more was involved with growing at work, being a single parent, buying a house by myself…all of the crazy stuff we deal with on a daily basis…I realized there was an opportunity to be even better. I saw someone do a presentation about time management and BOOM – they introduced this app that has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with keeping my life on pace.
    • Pay attention to other parents who seem to “get it” in the way you want to. Pay attention to the coworkers who you admire in the way they operate. Ask them the hard hitting questions like “what is your secret?” and start to wrap your arms around the ideas of things you could implement – short or long term – to really help you improve your life. Then DO THEM!

I would love to hear how YOU manage your life and the tools/techniques you use to do so. Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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