The adventure begins…

I have spent the equivalent of weeks on the internet in the past few years trying to figure out everything about life. Since becoming a Dad in March 2015, I am pretty sure the time spent doubled. What in the world are you searching one might ask?

Getting sucked into the YouTube wormhole of 3 AM Wafflehouse fights aside, I’ve been spending most of my time just figuring out how to be best Dad I could possibly be. Being a great person, being kind and generous – these get you pretty far in the day-to-day. However, when your kid has a crazy ass rash from who the hell knows where…being the nicest person in the world is not going to figure out how to make it go away.

When I wasn’t trying to figure out how to fix the boo-boos, I was trying to find cool gear that fit my personality. Sure, I loved the grey and “brighter than the lights in Times Square” neon green messenger bag I received at the baby shower – but it just wasn’t…me.

Fast forward to November 2017. I have an amazing daughter, Leah, who is about to turn (gasp) 3 years old. I have a great job and own a modest home in a “millennial-centric” suburb of Detroit. Still…I felt like something was missing. What if I could combine my love for being a Dad with my interest in finding cool stuff for guys like me?

This is why I started Daddy Daddy. This is a site for guys like me. Guys who are trying to figure out how to be amazing Dads, find cool stuff that makes being a Dad easier/fun, and don’t want to become Google experts and spend 50 million hours searching for awesome stuff.

Along the way, if there are ideas you want get thoughts on, products you want reviewed or if you just want a cool spot to come and talk Dad-shop…let’s make it happen!

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