The Struggle: Christmas Gifting.

Let’s be honest.

You make the (cumulative) 3 hour daily drives for your kid.

You put that $$$ into your kid’s college fund instead of buying yourself those new gym shoes that you could probably use as motivation to actually get to the gym (for once in your life).

You’ve literally devoted every ounce of your life to your kid.

So then Christmas rolls around and if your kid is like many of them – and let me PC this a bit – “probably does not have the greatest appreciation for the efforts you put forth each day on their behalf” – they’ve built up an expectation that gifts are on the way. Santa, Mom/Dad, Gigi – someone is about to drop the mother load under that Christmas tree.

Some parents have it easy. “Daddy – I want a Spiderman doll!


or…”I want ELMO!!!!


…or “I want the Pawtroller!!!!!!!!” (WTF IS A PAWTROLLER)

Paw Patrol  Paw Patroller

However, if your kid is like mine they are (fortunately) still not 100% clear on the whole “ask for what you want” idea yet. Hence – the perfect time to impart with them that there’s so much more to the holiday season than that Metallic Red Disney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Race car they’ve been seeing pop-up in their UNBOXING videos.

My goal – starting this 2017 holiday season – is to start to phase in the concept of appreciating what you have, not taking it for granted, and really being motivated this time of year to give back to those less fortunate.

I’m not 100% sure how to do this yet – definitely open to suggestions on this one. Here’s the plan so far:

  • Bring Leah to a community service event where we do something (wrapping gifts etc) for other kids
  • Start to watch videos or TV shows with her where the message is around giving (versus cashing in on super loads of toys)
  • Going through her old toys with her to find which ones she doesn’t like any more and donating them

I know it won’t happen overnight but I’m hoping with time and diligence she’ll hopefully start to figure things out. Updates on the progress soon!

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